New to Salsa? Find the Right Class for You!

Learn From the Ground Up with Our 10-Week Intensive

Some of you are moments away from understanding why so many students leave our studios, week after week, with a stronger sense of confidence, improved dance skills, and a smile on their faces!

However, if case you were thinking that the most important part of getting ready for dance classes is already being a good dancer, you’ll discover your real success will lie in finding the path.

Over the years we’ve learned that some of you will come to our Salsa studio fresh from running a marathon, while others may have just completed watching a marathon of TV reruns.

With a mix of 1-on-1 training, group classes, and practice parties, we have a path for each of you!

What we do at Paso is simple: we are the only studio that gives students a consistent and systematic way to become the best dancer they physically can become.

For 99% of new students, we recommend you start with our 10-week course. For those wishing to look really sharp on the floor, we recommend you supplement your group classes, with one private session per week.

Caring Instructors and Clarity of Instruction

Paso Dance Studios is known throughout the Triangle for caring, competent instructors, and a style of instruction that works to get you on the dance floor!

We specialize in teaching Salsa, and we experts in it. Our staff are highly trained dancers and trainers, and will give you the best experience possible.

Here’s what have to help you reach your goals:

Classes That We Offer

Beginner Salsa Courses for Adults in Both New York and Cuban Style 

Our beginner classes focus on the fundamental mechanics. Unlike other schools, we don’t teach partner choreography.

We teach you how to dance in real life.

Unlike other studios, we do not take a choreographic approach to Salsa. We are experts in teaching core mechanics, so that you can feel great dancing Salsa without looking like you paid for it.

We realize that many of you have never taken a dance class so we train our staff and teaching assistants (yes we have those!) to do the right things.

Paso is the only studio in the region that teaches both New York and Cuban style Salsa. We are also the only studio in the region that teaches authentic Afro-Cuban dance.

We offer beginner 1 and 2 courses, and on occasion, a 10-week director’s intensive beginner course.

Benefits of Beginner Salsa Courses

  • Learn habits that will ultimately make you an effective social dancer
  • Meet new friends in a low pressure, supportive environment
  • Group class energy. Means FUN!
  • Cost effective!

Check out Upcoming Beginner’s Salsa Courses in Durham or Upcoming Beginner’s Salsa Courses in Raleigh! We hold new courses each month.

Intermediate Salsa Classes for Adults

After you’ve completed your 10-week director’s intensive course, and 8-week core course, you ready to tackle intermediate.

While the beginner course will give you a very basic understanding of the mechanics of the dance, the intermediate course will give you the moves you need to feel super confident on the dance floor.

You don’t need to be a great dancer for the intermediate course, but if you are willing to work and have fun while doing it, we can help you reach your goals.

Intermediate courses are special because you don’t need to attend the class consecutively.

Benefits of Intermediate Salsa Courses

  • New material each week! Moves that do not require your partner to have memorized them!
  • Here you’ll begin to start looking like a Salsa dancer
  • If you miss a class, you don’t miss out. Simply come back the next week
  • Balance, agility, coordination, and rhythm will all begin to improve much faster than in the beginner course
  • Same cost as beginner classes. Price doesn’t increase.

Check out ongoing intermediate Salsa courses in Durham and Raleigh. Scroll to the bottom of the page. These courses do not require registration. Just the prerequisite beginner course(s), and a four or ten-class pass which can be purchased here.

Afro-Cuban Dance for Adults: Dance Therapy!

Don’t be intimidated by the name!

These dances are wildly popular at our studio and for those who have never danced, and simply want to learn how to move their bodies through space more effectively, this is for you!

We teach Afro-Cuban dance in the form of both Rumba and on occasion, Orisha dances. Revered for their aesthetic and raw rhythmic power, world wide, these dances always leave students with a smile on their face.

We commonly refer to these classes as dance therapy, because, after an hour of movement to drum rhythms, you always seem to feel a bit better. Interesting enough, these same drum rhythms (Bata) were specifically used to treat PTSD in children and soldiers.

Coincidence? We think not.

The dances of Santeria are shrouded in mystery but never fail to bring the magic ingredient students are looking for.

Benefits of Afro-Cuban Dance Courses

  • Rhythm and timing
  • Body movement
  • Coordination
  • CONFIDENCE in body movement!
  • Mood! Our favorite classes to teach, and students love them.

1-on-1 Training for Adults

We realized very early on that group classes are not for everyone. Every month we get new students who are extremely eager to become great dancers and do not have the schedule for group classes. They want to progress fast, and they want the lesson tailored to them, personally.

For those who want to fast forward their progress, and who cannot attend regular group classes, private lessons are the solution.

Private lessons are held in Durham and Raleigh locations.


Benefits of private lessons

  • Substantially faster rate of progress
  • Lessons tailored to you
  • Scheduled around your time
  • Personal atmosphere for couples who want to learn together
  • Book your private lesson here, or write for more information.

Register in Advance

To allow our classes to start on time, you must register online, in advance of the starting date. We simply do not have the time to process new students before class begins!

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